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Behind-the-scenes access to Christa’s boudoir and nude shoots
Tutorials, behind-the-scenes, shoots and demo’s
Downloads, templates, projects and assignments
LIVE Office Hours weekly calls
Private Forum for members only
Expert Guest Lecturers across the industry
Giveaways, vendor discounts and more!







How to create a distinctive brand that brings YOU into your business and separates you from the crowd.


Choosing what works best for you and designing a business you love.


How to best showcase what you do and have an online presence that books clients.


Defining and finding your ideal client. Eliminating time, energy and money wasted on clients who aren’t right for you.


How to style a high-end look on a budget and create editorial-style photographs in line with your brand.


Shooting with the top must-have wardrobe items and how they work for each body type.






How to work with nonmodels and nervous clients to bring out their best.


How to flatter every body type with simple posing principles.


Building a set of 35 smoking hot sellable shots from the 5 poses.


How to flow from pose to pose, keeping it fresh and inspired.


How to coach actions, give easy direction and create beautiful moments.




How to create or de-emphasize curves to flatter every body type.


What's in my bag and studio, and how I use my favorite lenses on every shoot.


Shooting with my favorite 5 backgrounds, and how to turn low-budget into elegant.


Finding the best and most flattering available light and working with reflectors.


Working with portable studio strobes, modifiers and simple lighting set-ups.






Creating themes and storyboards to build a must-have shot list of 30 shots that sell.


How to coach and capture my best-selling shots every client wants: must-haves for your portfolio.


How to create variety and tell a story easily on every shoot.


How to create authentic moments that are flattering and meaningful.


Working with nude models and key tips to creating fine art photographs.




Getting your best-selling edit and how to cut your workflow in half.


Follow my workflow from straight out of camera through final pics to client.


A complete tutorial and step-by-step of everything I do in LR for every shoot.


My minimalist approach to retouching and top tools with step-by-step instructions.


My go-to LR presets and PS actions, including my secrets to create a signature look.






How to attract your ideal client and create powerful word-of-mouth marketing.


Using partnership marketing and social media to book clients.


Nailing your price list so you’re busy, happy and well-paid.


How to increase sales at every stage of your process, including a complete in-person sales how-to.


All you need to run a successful (or your first!) mini-session marathon.










The most commonly reported side effects of taking the Online Boudoir Workshop are long-lasting feelings of confidence, inspiration and an "I can do this!" attitude in addition to the following:

√ Increase in confidence
√ Highest sales ever
√ Standing out from the crowd
√ Rapid growth and development
√ Unexplained excitement about boudoir
√ Severe mood improvement and FUN
√ Positive mental outlook changes about business
√ Creativity and inspiration kicked into overdrive
√ Major improvements in quality of work
√ Long lasting support from a mentor, several peers and lifelong friends
√ Going way beyond what you think you're capable of
√ Falling in love with your work again

Caution: some participants suffer from regret that they didn't take the OBW sooner. Do not take this workshop if you are allergic to wealth or have a fear of success.


What is the difference between The Online Boudoir Workshop and Christa’s other workshops?

Here are the main differences:


Three days vs. SIX WEEKS. The biggest benefit of The Online Boudoir Workshop is not only the depth of content covered, but also the duration you’re with me. So you can go way beyond the initial q’s you have to the additional q’s that pop up after you begin to implement what you’re learning. So you have time to actually digest all the material, consider it, test it out, make changes, ask more questions as we go, and continue to do so over the course of six weeks! Plus the content is available to you 24/7 during that time, so you can move through it at your own pace and convenience.

New material and depth of material

The material covered on building a business, pricing, sales, products, client relationships, branding, styling, working with women, lighting, equipment, posing, shooting, marketing, and post-production is not only more in depth with The Online Boudoir Workshop rather than other workshops, but also a lot of it is BRAND NEW material that I’ve never shared, including downloads that I’m confident you’ll love using.

Real shoots

The actual content in The Online Boudoir Workshop is the closest you’ll come to being a fly on the wall at my real shoots with clients, models, curvy women, and soccer moms. I shoot in an intimate setting with privacy for the non-model, who is typically very nervous. There are no distractions during a real photo shoot, like other people watching or questions from students. With a discreet camera operator filming me, I proceed through the shoots as I normally do, and then we watch the edited footage together so I can describe what was really going through my mind while I was shooting, rather than what I actually was saying to my subject for her benefit. That is not at all what is presented in other workshops.

Doing vs. watching

There are tools, projects and assignments that are a part of the Online Boudoir Workshop that do not exist in any other workshop. These resources are specifically designed to take you through exactly how I set up my business, from A to Z, and to make sure you are taking action and moving towards your goals. This isn’t a spectator workshop. Success requires action!

Ongoing personal interaction

My favorite part of this particular workshop is the personal interaction with you! You receive my personal attention in two ways: 1) the LIVE Office Hours calls every week (including an after party call) and 2) Our Members Only Facebook Group. There will be plenty of interaction with me, and no question will go unanswered. You won't find this in my other workshops, and I can't wait to meet you!

The Private Members Forum

One of the top benefits reported by everyone who took the Online Boudoir Workshop previously, is the Private Forum! This community is a powerful resource, and you will likely glean more from each other, including support, great ideas, and answers to struggles, then you could from just me alone. That ain’t happening in other workshops.

Lastly, there are additional Online Boudoir Workshop benefits and bonuses that are not a part of other workshops that you’ll see as the workshops progresses. Particularly, the fun and friendships you’ll have along the way.

I have something scheduled during the course. Will I miss anything?

You won’t miss a thing. I built this boudoir workshop for busy bees like me, and so the content is available 24/7 baby! Plus the materials will be online and available to you for six weeks, plus one bonus week after that… Plenty of time for you to watch/listen/learn at your own pace and convenience.

I have no experience. I’m a total beginner. Is this the right course for me?

Hell yeah! Talk about perfect timing. This course will short cut your learning curve and get you started with smart habits and powerful tips in a super fun way that will set you up for success with my very simple, totally easy, and budget-friendly approach. No experience necessary. We always have beginners in attendance (as well as very experienced talented pro’s). Sign-up now, and you’ll thank yourself!

I’m already a pro. Is this too basic for me?

Awesome! Well let me ask you: Are your sales where you want them to be right now? Are you creatively juiced and completely inspired? Is your time spent in post-production effortless, fast and easy? Do you have raving fan clients that spread great word about you like wild fire? Are you having FUN with your business? If you can’t answer a whole-hearted HELL YES! to any of these q’s, then sign up baby! There’s something to be learned at every stage of the game, and mastery is oftentimes about bringing it back to the basics and doing things in a new way, seen from a different perspective. Join us now – we’re going to bring your creativity and success to the next level!

Do I need any equipment?

No fancy equipment needed. You will need access to a computer and the internet, and whatever camera you have currently. I highly recommend that you enjoy the entire course before purchasing any sort of new camera or lighting equipment. I’ll be demo’ing a bare bones simple approach as well as my favorite equipment, so you’ll get to see a bunch of gear in action and make a more informed decision about what you’d love to try before you buy.

I’m a male photographer. Please be honest and tell me about the relative success/appropriateness of men vs. women in this industry.

Once you get to know me, you’ll laugh that you asked me to be honest because I’m 100% real and forthright. I understand your concern, and I’m here to tell you that although women have an innate advantage in having certain clients trust them off the bat, there is no other advantage for females, and certainly no reason why you can’t be just as successful as your female counterpart. Plenty of men have signed up for the course, and I’ve received glowing positive reviews from the men who took it previously. Here is what a few of them had to say…

"Money and time well invested! This was an awesome experience. I am SO glad I made the decision to do it!”
Michael T. Sedwick, South Elgin, IL

"Just DO IT! Highly Recommended! Amateur or Pro, you’re bound to find out more about your own prowess as a photographer and businessperson!"
Scott W. Robinson

"Worth every penny, definitely recommend, what a treasure trove of information!"
John P. Dunnigan

"This was the best money and time that I have ever spent on pursuing a passion. Regardless of previous experience and genre, if you are interested in shooting portraits, this is the most comprehensive workshop A to Z that you will find."
Herb Irvin

"This is a great chance to get very personal with a pro."
Ole Vangsgaard

"I am in love with my work again. Christa’s workshop is an intoxicating mix of awesome experience and practical advice that beautifully fleshes out all the areas that have held us back. Now we can fly!"
Christopher Medak.

""Highly recommend. Christa’s energy & care for her students comes through. Really brilliant tips. I’ve taken a bunch of courses that explore various methods but her’s fit very well with the way I want to work."
John Cornicello

Got Questions?
Not sure if this is right for you? Email me at Christa @



Monday, January 4th
School is in session! Week 1 Branding & Style
Thursday, January 7th
Live Office Hours Call with Christa 3pm EST
Monday, January 11th
Week 2 Women & Posing
Thursday, January 14th
Live Office Hours Call with Christa 3pm EST
Monday, January 18th
Week 3 Lighting & Equipment
Thursday, January 21st
Live Office Hours Call with Christa 3pm EST
Monday, January 25th
Week 4 Shooting
Thursday, January 28th
Live Office Hours Call with
Christa 3pm EST
Monday, February 1st
Week 5 Post-Production
Thursday, February4th
Live Office Hours Call with
Christa 3pm EST
Monday, February 8th
Week 6 Marketing & Sales
Thursday, February 11th
Live Office Hours Call with
Christa 3pm EST
Monday, February 15th
Bonus Week
Thursday, February 18th
Live After Party with
Christa 3pm EST



"I more than doubled my income! Attending Christa’s workshop changed my life."
Robin Hultgren, Walnut Creek, CA

"Don’t hesitate, sign up. You won’t regret it! I got way more then I paid for!"
Heather Gill, Scottsdale, AZ

"Best workshop I’ve ever taken!!!!!! Anyone who asks me I tell them it’s SO worth it! Sign up!"
Shani Barel, Sherman Oaks, CA

"I had my highest portrait sale ever of $4,700 thanks to Christa!"
Lisa Roah, Orange County, CA

"Best money I’ve ever spent on my business. Period. I’d do it again in a heartbeat."
Erin Nelson, San Francisco, CA

"Best time and money I’ve spent! My editing time has been cut in half!"
Kristen Penza, South Pasadena, CA

"You can’t put a price tag on what Christa teaches."
Hannah Skye, Orange County, CA

"I strongly recommend it to both new and veteran photographers."
Angelica Roberts Cliffside Park, NJ

“Christa’s workshop is worth way more than it costs.”
Maggie Keegan Gross, Valencia, CA

“If you want to learn about boudoir photography, Christa’s workshop is a must!”
Karen Wolfe, Lake Tapps,WA

“Christa’s workshop is not-to-be-missed! It’s for those who want to be the BEST!”
Melissa Hart Dobbs, Manvel, TX

"Christa's workshop has changed the way I shoot completely. All of my shoots are much better! Not just boudoir."
Kerri Brookins Burleson, Texas

"I have a better structure for all aspects of my business. I feel confident to develop my own artistic style and not worry so much about what everyone else is doing. Christa gave me the tools to move forward with confidence."
Elissa Wood Johnson City, TN

"Since I am a full time practicing Urologist I took the course because this is a passion of mine, and I was able to do the course doing odd hours. I'd do it again and highly recommend. It provides education to the novice as well as to the working pro."
Gary Brown, M.D. Amarillo, Texas

"I've experienced a life-changing business mindset. Christa's workshop gave me all the tools to be successful in running a boudoir business."
Traci Reid Peachtree City, GA

"I highly recommend this workshop. I had hesitations at first because I was so new to boudoir, and I wasn't sure if it was right for me. This workshop will take away any hesitations or questions you may have. The business aspect of the workshop has really benefitted me. Such a great resource."
Emily Fisk Simi Valley, CA

"I have studied photography a lot. But it is much different reading about it and actually seeing it done. Very valuable and truly inspiring!"
Denise Beck Houston, TX

"The workshop is awesome! I totally recommend it, especially if you have trouble getting your business brain on! Christa's assignments really broke it down and helped take anxiety out of the process."
Tiffany Smith Toronto, Canada

"I have learned so many things that I had never even thought about before the workshop! I have more confidence and a game plan when I walk into my shoot. Editing….WHO KNEW IT WAS SO EASY? How to walk out of a shoot with at least 35 sellable shots and how to coach your lady to get the shots you (and she) both want."
Sarah Newton, Battlefield, MO

"I would HIGHLY recommend this workshop because plain and simple…it will change your business into what you've always wanted it to be. It's unique, it's personable, it's empowering, it's INVALUABLE. It's a BOUDIE WAKE UP CALL!!"
Robin Lynn, Grundy Center, IA

"Absolutely recommend! It will make a big difference in getting you started or improving your business."
Peter Forman Brooklyn, NY

"A really great interactive experience! An inspiring, and fun workshop with practical applications for every aspect of the business. I loved loved loved how positive Christa is and how willing she is to help us newbies!"
Kristen Butler, AB Canada

"TAKE THE WORKSHOP!!!! Don't wait, just do it! The amount of information you receive is well worth the money. Christa makes it easy to understand and FUN!"
Sarah Newton Battlefield, MO

"Christa Meola's online workshop is THE one to take. Gives you what you need in order to run a successful boudoir business."
Traci Reid Palmetto, GA

"Worth every penny. Take Christa's workshop if you are looking for new ways to expand your business, increase sales, get fresh ideas or inspiration."
Marty Castilla Union City, CA

"Christa's workshop is very detailed and informative. It makes you think deep and shoot with more emotion."
Shelly Rose Morang Scarborough, ME

"Expect to learn a ton! And love every minute."
Rayelle Wilson Saskatoon, Canada

"A ton of really good information."
Terri Locke Charles, IL

"A peek behind the proverbial curtain into another photographer's process is invaluable. I'm more confident that I can create a successful boudoir business now."
Jenn Grachow Toronto, ON

"The workshop is a great way to get you started in boudoir and build confidence with very helpful tools and skills."
Dave Stoby Alcomdale, Candada

"Before this workshop, I was so stuck in my career, not having the mindset or knowledge on how to be greater. Now, I have the resources needed to make this happen for me and my family."
Andrea Snow Tacoma Washington

"Christa's workshop is absolutely 100% invaluable from day one! Week after week she delivers priceless content from behind-the-scenes videos to in-depth marketing and best business practices that will change the way you think about your business."
Jennifer Najvar Austin, TX

"Take the course!! It's a great investment, and you won't regret it."
Rommy Elizondo McAllen Tx

"Recommended. Christa presents information in a light-hearted yet insightful manner. It's an in-depth view into how a photographer works."
Greg Hensel Wasilla, AK

"YES! I recommend Christa's workshop!"
Hugh Tull, BC Canada

"I learned more about the business of photography in one week of this course than I learned in 3 years at Brooks Institute of Photography! I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone passionate about photography, no matter what level of experience!"
Meagan McGinity Paia, HI

"This is a fabulous opportunity for every level of photographer. I'm thrilled beyond measure that I took this workshop."
Suzanne Taylor, Berryville, VA

"The content is worth the money. I incorporate Christa's Money Shots into all of my shoots that include adult women now, and it's awesome."
Niki Strbian Finland Europe

"I can't quantify all the benefits from this workshop. It really is invaluable!"
Lauren Dahn Talent, OR

"Worth every penny, definitely recommend, what a treasure trove of information!"
John P. Dunnigan

"This was the best money and time that I have ever spent on pursuing a passion. Regardless of previous experience and genre, if you are interested in shooting portraits, this is the most comprehensive workshop A to Z that you will find."
Herb Irvin

"This is a great chance to get very personal with a pro."
Ole Vangsgaard

"I am in love with my work again. Christa's workshop is an intoxicating mix of awesome experience and practical advice that beautifully fleshes out all the areas that have held us back. Now we can fly!"
Christopher Medak.

"I definitely recommend it. Saved me a ton of time!"
Lysandra Cook Kailua, HI

"The week on posing women alone is worth every penny of this workshop!"
Meagan McGinity Paia, HI

"Highly recommend – its worth every penny! I’ve already booked clients that will cover the cost of the workshop!"
Shea Mayberry Dana Point, CA

"I wish I would have taken this course sooner!"
Kristen Butler Calgary, Canada

"The whole workshop was a knockout!"
Francesco Belvedere, Venice, CA

"Christa should charge more for her workshops. Her level of teaching is way higher than others who charge more."
Jennifer Robertson, Geneva, IL

"Christa’s workshop changed my life – what she taught really blew my mind!"
Tammy Coombs, Tracy, CA

"If you have the opportunity to take Christa’s workshop, do it!"
Rafeal Vaszquez, Mira Loma, CA

"My first shoot was a total success thanks to Christa!!!"
Sally LeDrew, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

"I have been on fire since Christa’s workshop! It kicked my creativity and inspiration into overdrive!"
Jill Amanda, Santa Barbara, CA

“It’s the first workshop I walked away from saying how wonderful it was and how it was worth every single penny.”
Stephanie Piscitelli, Bridgewater, MA

"I loved what I was doing before the workshop, but now I feel a purpose to every shoot. I'm no longer afraid to raise my prices, and editing is SOOOO much easier now! These past six weeks have changed my life…in business, in my mindset and in my daily routines!"
Robin Lynn Grundy Center, IA

"My sales have already increased. I've recommended it to all of my photog friends! Whether you work with babies, couples, seniors – whomever – you can benefit from this workshop. So many of the underlying principles Christa covers apply to photography and success in general!"
Jen Sinclair Glen Allen, VA

"I recommend the workshop to any person who is serious about the business of boudoir photography. Now I enter my sessions with much more confidence, my photos reflect my brand, I know what sells, and I have an action plan to make my craft a livable career."
David Gonzales Murphys, CA

"This workshop really shortens the learning curve. It was very straight to the point, no bullshit, consistent and business-oriented. I'm more confident now about the whole process. Recommended!"
Jolita Grazuliene Bendoreliu, Lithuania

"Christa is totally open with her knowledge and ideas."
John Sweetwood Sandy Springs, GA

"I love this class!!! I'd recommend it to all photographers because it's packed full of info, moral boosters and networking. I've already noticed an increase in my confidence and shooting."
Dawnya Costilla Kenmore, WA

"Very informative."
Misty Boles Helena, MT

"A game changer. The course covered the business side, as well as the posing/lighting/gear side – both were fabulous."
Catherine Just Cottonwood Heights, UT

"With 30 years of model photography, I had lots of experience shooting and posing women. I personally benefited from the workshop's business approaches, the sales, marketing and ideal client discussions. It's convinced me that boudoir is feasible, and that customers will pay for this type of portraiture."
Larry Spong El Mirage, AZ

"I see a big difference since the workshop. I sell more images, my editing got better, I know which lens to use, and how to approach clients. Christa gave a lot of important information and made it personal."
Erika Nelly Hialeah, FL

"Christa is very giving of her knowledge – she breaks it all down into manageable chunks."
Sharon Simpson, England United Kingdom

"She shortened the learning curve a lot. I feel more confident going into a shoot now, knowing that I'll be able to make lots of different types of women look their very best."
Dana Jonas Seattle, WA

"I would recommend the workshop to photographers because it is invaluable. Period."
Andrea Snow, Tacoma Washington

"Christa's enthusiasm for her work and art is infectious. She has such a wealth of knowledge and shares it all! Christa is warm and encouraging; she will make you laugh and inspire you to take your business to the next level, and the next level after that, and the next level after that!"
Jennifer Najvar Austin, TX

"Christa's online workshop is the most thorough and inspiring workshop that I ‘ve ever taken. Christa is honest in her approach and was available to answer everyone's questions. Christa's workshop went far beyond my expectations. The materials were awesome."
Kerri Brookins Burleson, Texas

"I definitely recommend this workshop! It's what I needed to launch my career. It was personal and thorough."
Meggan Weece Broken Arrow, OK

"I've learned a lot from this course. I feel more secure in my work and I don't doubt myself anymore."
Rommy Elizondo, McAllen TX

"It's the best photography training I have ever done (and I have been to over a dozen in-person training seminars in the past 7 years)."
Elissa Wood Johnson City, TN

"Christa's workshop is one of the best formats I've seen for online training (of any kind). I definitely recommend it. Christa gives more than just recommendations and what works for her business; she gives guidelines on how to start a boudoir business from the bottom up. Thank you for the hard work that went into this workshop. It was phenomenal, immensely educational and enjoyable."
Daniella DeLaRue Port Arthur, TX

"The workshop was the greatest investment I ever made."
Gary Brown, M.D. Amarillo, TX

"Extremely helpful.
Mike Smith Aurora, IL

"The online workshop covered everything it was supposed to."
Mardoqueo Harrington Williston, ND

"I knew even in week one that it was going to be worth the money. I am more confident in my choices and skills especially with posing and lighting. It's like taking several college courses in just 6 weeks! But with such practical application it's unreal."
Shea Mayberry, Dana Point, CA

"Recommended. I'm more confident. More at ease. More professional about business aspects. More comfortable behind the camera."
Len Villano Sturgeon Bay, WI

"Well worth it the money. Christa's online workshop will not only teach you how to run a boudoir business, but will teach you the skills to run any photography business. One of the most comprehensive courses available. Thoroughly enjoyed it."
Roy Esterhuysen South Africa

"It's the complete package."
Dan Zeiss Amelia, OH

"CONTENT RICH!!! Incredible!! I've never been given this much useful information in one workshop before. Whatever level of photographer you are, you will benefit from this workshop. Guaranteed."
Hannah Skye, Huntington Beach, CA

"THE best workshop I have ever taken – hands down. Worth every cent (plus some)! Really, Christa should be charging double. This workshop is Honest. Real. Packed with tons of valuable information!"
Kim Mallory, Chilliwack BC

"Awesome. Invaluable. Incredible. LOVED everything about it. Christa's workshop is priceless."
Michelle Kidd, Itasca, IL

"Money and time well invested! This was an awesome experience. I am SO glad I made the decision to do it!"
Michael T. Sedwick, South Elgin, IL

"Just DO IT! Highly Recommended! Amateur or Pro, you're bound to find out more about your own prowess as a photographer and businessperson!"
Scott W. Robinson

"Christa’s workshop was AMAZING!!! I recommend it to anyone starting out or looking for a fresh approach!"
Heidi Walter, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Christa’s workshop is a MUST DO!"
Jacqueline O’Neill, San Gabriel, CA

"Christa and her workshops are awesome!"
Marc Javier, San Francisco, CA

"Christa is so passionate about her craft and pushes you beyond what you think you’re capable of."
Lori Eng, Vancouver, BC

"THE best money I have ever spent on my business! Do it."
Erin Brannan, Highlands Ranch, CO

"Well worth it – It’s what I needed to move my business to the next level."
Milisa Smith, Riverside, CA

"I grew leaps and bounds with my business. Highly recommend."
Lesley Stefanski, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

"It was worth every dime! And was SO much fun!"
Lori Eng, Vancouver, Canada

"I highly recommend this workshop! So unlike other workshops I’ve taken."
Christine Haws, Santa Monica, CA

"Best money and time I’ve spent in my 3 year photography career! Her workshop is career changing!"
Anna Anacolba

"If you want to go to the next level, this is the workshop. It challenges you to think BIG"
Jill Martin, Santa Barbara, CA

"I highly recommend it."
Trevor Sherwin Ontario, Canada

"Christa brought complex material to a layman's level that I could relate to. And that I was able to apply immediately."
Dr.William Shideler Valparaiso, Indiana

"Taking Christa's workshop is like having her as your own personal mentor, via the internet."
Marty Castilla Union City, CA

"The posing and lighting were so very helpful!"
Andrea Scott Redmond, WA

"The workshop is worth every penny, and Christa is a great teacher. She is so candid and shows even the mistakes she's made – so refreshing!"
Kitty Cohen Chantilly, France

"I didn't even know where to begin before the workshop. Now, I'm able to create an action plan before a shoot so that I feel more prepared. I know how to incorporate her money shots into every shoot, as well as refine my editing process so there is more cohesion in my work."
Tiffany Smith Toronto, Canada

"I definitely recommend this workshop. You will learn soooo much. I have more confidence and have streamlined my editing, even in my sports photography."
Teri Roberts Jupiter, FL

"Worth the time and money. I'm taking better photos."
Robert Rider Dayton, OH

"I LOVED IT! It's the next best thing to actually being on a shoot with Christa."
Sarah Newton, Battlefield, MO

"Christa makes learning fun, the business fun and keeps it simple too!"
Carolyn Clarke Halfmoon Bay, BC

"I highly recommend Christa's workshop! I benefited immensely from branding to shooting to marketing, the whole aspect of this genre. I also learned the secrets of Christa's most popular shots."
Joyce Kang Austin, TX

"My attitude towards my business has entirely flipped! I already see a difference in how clients interact with me.
In every possible way I've grown, evolved and turned professional- thank you! Absolutely recommend!
This has been an eye-opening experience that everyone in this industry needs to have!"
Ariana Grimm Applegate, CA

"My shooting has tremendously improved. I don't feel lost anymore."
Emily Fisk Simi Valley, CA

"I highly recommend Christa's workshop!! I hesitated at first and was extremely nervous because this was a very BIG step, and I'm so happy I did it! Christa shares AWESOME information!"
Tammy Sawyer Pewaukee, WI

"I highly recommend taking this course if you are struggling with learning how to pose and lighting. I used to struggle with posing, but the poses Christa teaches are so easy to do. I LOVE the poses."
Denise Beck Houston, TX

"Absolutely recommend!"
Kirsten Mumford, Colorado

"Very comprehensive."
Cyndy Porter McLean, VA

"Well worth the price. I've increased bookings, plus my approach, style and quality have all seen enormous improvement."
Kimla Holk Tow, Tow TX

"Christa has taken my business to the next level with shooting better, editing, and the relationship I have with my clients. Christa has shown me how to maximize my sales with the different shots that will sell! If you're looking to start a boudoir business then Christa Meola's workshop is definitely the one to sign up for. Christa Meola is well organized, detailed, and all about taking care of business. I would tell everyone to take the course."
Traci Reid, Peachtree City, GA

"I'm not a Boudoir photographer but STILL learned so much. The branding, marketing, lighting, posing … ALL of it is important. Wonderful class with so much information. Christa Meola tackles all of it and is right there from the start helping guide you. Great great workshop for anyone, no matter where you are in your business."
Deborah Chetwood Austin, TX

"It will improve the quality of your work and raise your confidence."
Sharon Simpson, England United Kingdom

"Christa's awesome workshop cuts to the chase and lays it all out."
Mark Eliason Wilmington DE

"I loved being able to talk one-on-one with Christa on the phone about pricing that would fit best for my business."
Dana Jonas Seattle, WA

"I didn't even know how to use my camera on manual mode when I started. While taking her class, I have started shooting and booking paying clients. She has taken all the frustration and guesswork out of starting not only photography, but also a new business!"
Kristie Kosmides Hilo, Hawaii

"Amazing content! Covers all the bases."
Peter Kelly, United Kingdom

"The workshop was the best investment that I have made in my business — I only regret that I didn't take it earlier. I had previously purchased Christa's 3-day live workshop and was concerned that the Online Boudoir Workshop would cover the same material and be redundant. As it turned out, the Online Boudoir Workshop contained a substantial amount of new information that was extremely useful to my business and made an immediate impact!"
Angelica Roberts, Cliffside Park, NJ

"Highly recommend. Christa's energy & care for her students comes through. Really brilliant tips. I've taken a bunch of courses that explore various methods but her's fit very well with the way I want to work."
John Cornicello

"Highly recommend! Packed full of incredible information!!!!"
Nicole Le Saout, Dublin Ireland

"My confidence went to an all time high on how to handle my clients."
Traci Reid Palmetto, GA

"I'll make more money because of this workshop."
Peter Forman Brooklyn, NY

"Do the Workshop."
Stacy Humphries Pensacola, FL

"Worth every penny. This is the workshop for those who want to stand out in the photography community."
Allie Lindsey, Temecula, CA

"Christa's workshop just blew me away!… an amazing experience!"
Rita Spevak, Chicago, IL

"OMG!!!! I LOVE this workshop. It's the best thing that happened to me and my business."
Bethany Grove, Holts Summit, MO

"The BEST workshop I've taken by far. I've taken several workshops (kind of a workshop junkie), and Christa's is full of rich content. HIGHLY recommend."
Margie Mobley, Scottsdale, AZ

"EPIC!!!! I have a new outlook."
Melissa Lin Huddlston-Smith, Moreno Valley, CA


I'm so confident you'll love this course and get tons of value from it, that I'm giving you a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If we haven't delivered what was promised, send us all of your completed course-work within 7 days from the course start date, and we'll happily refund you in full.